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Let's Transform

Michael Bailey Consulting provides executive and leadership coaching that is focused on transforming managers into leaders and changing the narrative from me to we.

We provide practical workplace and people solutions that are focused on finding amicable resolutions and not creating problems.

Ongoing HR Support



Highly experienced in this area, we utilise contemporary approaches to enable and grow capable leaders.



As industrial relations experts, we understand complex workplace and industrial matters and have the ability to resolve issues in a timely and fair manner. 



We have extensive experience in all areas of Human Resources and are able to design and implement practical workplace and people solutions.


Michael Bailey is a Leadership and Executive Coach with extensive experience in operational and strategic human resources and industrial relations roles. Michael enjoys transforming technical experts into outstanding people managers. He takes a people centric approach to everything he does

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Michael was my mentor in the Women’s Leadership Development Program Newcastle. I had the opportunity to work with Michael one on one, concentrating on professional development and goals for my future. He was able to draw on his years of experience and industry knowledge to provide me with practical guidance and support. Even though the Program has now finished, I still look to him when I need advice. He is always generous with his time and a great sounding board for my thoughts and ideas. I am very grateful to Michael for all the help he has given me, and recommend him without hesitation.

Jacqui Business Manager

Michael is a very open and approachable, positive person, one of the best managers I have ever had. Through building trust, enabling me to try, make mistakes and find my own way he's done a really great job to mentor and coached my way towards gaining experience in my own role. Thank you very much for truly leading me, Michael!

Martina People and Culture Consultant

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