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Leadership and Executive Coach,

Industrial Relations Specialist, Professional People Problem Solver. 

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Michael Bailey is a Leadership and Executive Coach with extensive experience in operational and strategic human resources and industrial relations roles. Michael enjoys transforming technical experts into outstanding people managers. He takes a people centric approach to everything he does.

Michaels diverse background in growing people has seen him work in diverse industries, from hospitality, manufacturing, mining, education, State and Local Government and the charitable sector. He has leadership experience in operational and strategic HR/IR teams, the military and leading legislative compliance teams.

Michael is a highly experienced and accomplished Human Resource practitioner with broad generalist knowledge and experience at operational level and strategic level. Michael delivers strategic solutions that increase employee engagement and improve organisational performance Michael enjoys providing his clients with the support and advice that allows them to grow and achieve their business and people development goals. 

With a work hard, play hard attitude, when he’s not growing people, you’ll find him catching waves, then when the sun goes down he comes out to play the bass in his blues band.


“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

— Yoda, Jedi Master



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Michael Bailey Consulting provides executive and leadership coaching that is focused on transforming managers into leaders and changing the narrative from me to we.


Michael Bailey Consulting provides practical workplace and people solutions that are focused on finding solutions not creating problems.

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